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Three Gods

Three gods name is Fuxing (Fu), Luxing (Lu) and Shouxing (Shou).

Fu god represents good luck and harmony, Lu god stands for authority, power and wealth, Shou god signifies health and longevity. Most believer offerings a glass of water, an orange or other auspicious, especially during Chinese New Year. Use as a gift, display in homes, shops, and offices.

How to use:   Should be placed facing the entrance of the room, never place them on a low table, in front of a window, bathroom or kitchen. In the office place them behind your desk, that way they can support you.

Hight quality handcraft can be stored along time (more than ten years) and the gold layer of gold foil contains 99.9% gold.

Material: 24K gold foil, wooden photo frame, come with a very nice gifts box package.